Friday, November 23, 2007

The game is called Sjoelbak

Though we have lived in the US for many years we have been able to keep up some of the Dutch customs and especially the Dutch snacks and other foods.
One of these customs we maintained is the game Sjoelen; we always play it at New Year's eve with some good (Dutch) friends who bought it from a man in Canada who custom made these boards.
So I decided last year to order a Sjoelbak for my family (on the Internet) from Heemskerk Sport in Holland. This started a conversation with them, which resulted in us importing their boards and starting our own business: Dutch Games.
We have since ordered and received a couple of shipments from Heemskerk Sport and now ship it all across the US and Canada. It is now my goal to "convert" as many Americans and Canadians as possible to playing this game Sjoelbak. I believe because of it's timeless design and it's attractiveness, it will catch on in a great way. Just testing it with people from church, festivals & other places, it is obvious that those who have never seen or played the game, learn it quickly and actually get hooked on the game.
Check out our website: dutch games


Beth said...

I just played this game for the fost time in Holland, we are american living here.....we became addicted and everyone wanted to compete for the high score of the night! what a great game!

sjoelbakusa said...

Thanks Beth for commenting on the game.
It is quite addictive. I play it just about every day after my commute home. A good way to wind down.
I just improved my personal best score to 127 and will keep trying for that perfect score: 148

Anonymous said...

Ik woon nu al weer 15 jaar niet meer in Nederland. Sommige dingen mis ik best.
Sjoelen ken ik nog van toen ik een kind was.
Ik denk dat ik bij jouw site een sjoelbak ga bestellen voor mijn eigen kinderen. Leuk kerstcadeau!

sjoelbakusa said...

Hallo Wanda,
Sorry voor de late reaktie.
Bedankt voor jouw bestelling. Ik hoop dat je er veel plezier mee hebt met de komende feestdagen en daarna.